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Vol No. 5 Issue 2 : December 2017
Systemic Risk and Global Financial Stability Pages From : 01-08
Author(s) : Dr. Chirongo Moses Keregero
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   The recent worldwide financial crisis has triggered an ongoing discussion of what causedrnthe crisis to happen and what measures should be done to prevent the crisis to happenrnagain. Scholars and policy makers consider that global financial crisis was brought aboutrnby market and financial institutions failures, so any regulatory framework for managingrnsystemic risk must address markets as well as financial institutions. Based on that, thernpresent paper attempts to discuss issues related to systemic risk and global financialrnstability. The discussion includes both the regulatory mechanism explained by the financialrnstability board and expert opinions of the author. Since the systemic risk is caused by therninterlinkage and the interdependence in the financial system, the author believes that thernregulation of the financial system should be focused on the whole system rather thanrnindividual financial institution.

Policies and Strategies of Basic Bank Ltd. for Entrepreneurship Development of SMEs in Bangladesh: An Evaluative Study Pages From : 09-20
Author(s) : Dr. Kamrul Hasan
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   The current study has investigated the policy framework of BASIC Bank Ltd. for thernentrepreneurship development of SMEs in Bangladesh. SMEs are regarded as the engine ofrngrowth and development of a country. The study has covered 42 SMEs financed by BASICrnbank in Chittagong district to evaluate the policies and strategies of BASIC Bank onrnentrepreneurship development of SMEs. The study has revealed a number of problemsrninvolved in policy frameworks of BASIC bank like unfavorable interest rate policy,rncentralized loan approval system, grace period is ignored, high collateral, rigid andrncumbersome documentation, delay in loan processing and the like.

Financial Inclusion in Bangladesh-Status and Issues Pages From : 21-31
Author(s) : Dr. Firoja Akter Khanam
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   Financial inclusion is emerging as a new paradigm of economic growth that plays a majorrnrole in driving away the poverty from the country. It refers to the delivery of bankingrnservices to masses including privileged and disadvantaged people at an affordable termsrnand conditions. In the current scenario, financial institutions are the robust pillars ofrnprogress, economic growth and development of the country. The present study aims tornexamine the role of financial institutions in financial inclusion in Bangladesh. The study alsornhas examined the impact of financial inclusion on the growth of the economy over a periodrnof seven years. The study has also identified the barriers of financial inclusion from demandrnand supply side. Finally the study has found out the major drivers of financial inclusion byrnapplying Factor Analysis Technique. Both primary and secondary data have been used inrnthe study. Results of the study found positive and significant impact of number of bankrnbranch and credit deposit ratio on GDP of the country, where as an insignificant impactrnhave observed in case of ATM growth on GDP of the economy.