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Vol No. 4 Issue 2 : August 2016
Research on the Energy flow of Aluminum Industry in China Pages From : 01-12
Author(s) : Zhao He-chun,,Xiao Sa,,Liu Shi-shi
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   Based on the energy flow theory and the sample data of the consumption of energy ofrnaluminum industry in China from 2010-2014, This article introduces the framework ofrnenergy flow analysis of aluminum production in China, including the boundary of thernenergy flow analysis, the energy consumption calculation and analysis, calculates andrninvestigates the process energy flow and the energy flow index in detail. Through thernin-depth data collection and collation work, we build a static picture of the actual energyrnflow of aluminum production in our country, calculate the specific energy consumptionrnindex, and analyze the influence of various energy flow on the comprehensive energyrnconsumption of unit product.

Testing Co-integration of Exchange Rate Movements on Indian Stock Market Return - Post Subprime Crisis Pages From : 13-24
Author(s) : Dr. Pradip Kumar Mitra
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   Over the years since 1991 the economic liberalization has led to more capital inflows to India through inter-linkages of capital market and adoption of flexible exchange rate mechanism. Such inter-linkages also augmented the transition of economy internationally and made it more responsive towards dynamism of international economic events. The obvious effect was a systematic development of interdependency between stock market and foreign exchange market. The paper tries to convey the long term relationship between Indian stock market return and the return on foreign currency movements. The testing of this relationship is not new of its kind but here the researcher has taken a period of analysis when there was a structural break in the economy propelled by subprime crisis. The daily data was used for analysis for a period of seven years from 2008 to 2015 and two indices of stock exchanges and four currency pair has been selected for the analysis. The paper uses the Johansen’s co integration test to identify the long term relationship. The co-integration test suggests that there is no significant co-integration
between the stock index return and the foreign exchange rate movement post sub-prime crisis.
Study on Financial Health of Emirates Airlines Pages From : 25-32
Author(s) : Dr. Ravichandran Krishnamurthy,Ahmad Seddik Abdelrahman
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   This research work carried out as a part of MBA course work on Emirates AirlinesrnGroup to find out the financial health of the organization. Three years annual reports ofrnEmirates Airlines and also collected its competitor’s financial information was used torndo a thorough financial analysis to analyse the financial condition of Emirates Airlinesrnwhen compared to its competitors.