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Vol No. 2 Issue 3 : January 2014
Economic Development of Gulf Cooperation Countries An overview Pages From : 01-08
Author(s) : Mr. Muteb Ahmed Almihbash
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   The Gulf Cooperation Countries common was launched in the year 2008. The launch of the common market aided in the national treatment of all the six member countries with equal opportunities and gains and all the stumbling blocks that use to stand on the way of the countries in terms of open trade were removed with an effort to create an open market, a market that all members could approach without any barrier that prevented mass investment. The agreement became effective at the beginning of 2008, although earlier in 2003, a custom union was made clear. The union has faced a lot of challenges especially at the time when America signed free trade agreement with other nations cutting across the GCC’s agreement. This caused a lot of discontentment between the members hence paralyzing the operations of the union for some good time. The purpose of this paper is to explore the real issues that has succumbed the agreement since its inauguration up to the present moment

Real Option versus Traditional Methods: R&D Project Selection Pages From : 09-20
Author(s) : Prity Kumari,Dr. Saroj Sinha
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   Capital budgeting is one of the most important decisions faced by the financial manager. Prior studies spanning the past four decades show financial managers prefer methods such as internal rate of return or non-discounted payback models over net present value. Most financial managers prefer to use multiple tools to evaluate a project investment decisions. Research and Development (R&D) projects are characterised by high cost, high risk, and long lead time, interdependency and sequence of implementation. Further, these projects have various flexibilities available to the management such as option to delay, cancel, or undertake subsequent decision. The widely used DCF and other traditional methods fail to correctly assess the real value of these projects. In view of various limitations of conventional methods, Real Option Valuation (ROV), a more appropriate technique which incorporates impact of flexibilities, has been used for evaluation of projects. This methodology is based on the famous option pricing principles developed by Black and Scholes (1973).

Standing of Pages From : 21-40
Author(s) : AyaWadi,Robin A. Carvalho
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To meet stakeholders interest is the prime requirement of all the corporations. The measurement tools of the firms financial health guide the stakeholders to understand companys performance and evaluate its future prospects in a better way. There are some financial monitoring indicators that evaluate the companys progress in context of its commitments, funding for operations, projects in hands and future plans against its eligible cost. Financial statements and ratios assist the investors to know better about the financial condition of the company and its overall performance. It is particularly helpful in ascertaining the liquidity risk, credit risk, financial risk and business risk of the firm. This paper will focus on measuring the financial health of Julphar by conducting a benchmarking exercise.