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Vol No. 1 Issue 1 : March 2012
Price control, Government intervention and regulations Vs Business environment: An analytical review Pages From : 1-17
Author(s) : Rezaul Karim,Kazi Nazmul Huda
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   This has been a vital issue in Bangladesh why and how the prices of essential commodities are sky rocketing every passing day turning life-style very much horrible with basic needs. Some quarters are blaming illicit trading while the others are pointing out to those involved in the channel of distributions. Again some raising the question of business ethics and morality and most of the popular one is ‘syndicate business’. This is very common in every economy to shift the responsibility to any one timid to be an escape goat. Questions come whether price rising is harmful, or who have been affected by it. Indeed, high price also mean higher standard of living, and good business means good profit. No one dare saying who and how the price would be fixed up? Tricky point in this arena is what type of economic system we are following? Most critics who understand the economy would indicate the distribution of wealth that is not done proportionately with the GDP growth in Bangladesh. So, some people are getting more rich and most of the population getting worse economically. Actually solution lies in productivity and employment that is staggering behind for so long. Economic disparity, unemployment and nonproductive expenditure needed to be reviewed and readjusted. For example, Size of Government, Government expenditure, and defense budget are actually consuming the bulk of revenue budget which ultimately waning the government earnings by putting pressure on civilian-income and business return. Consequently we have a non-business Environment, meaning a less prospective business or risks at long term perspective. This is the reason, why business people tend to cover up their future risks with short-term super profit, which is also rather a business culture of our economy. Moreover, why should one invest on a certain business if no prospects are there? Now as a short term measure Government is taking steps to correct the business practice, but how far it is justified will remain be a question. Some experts suggest the controlling mechanism – but law or rules do not clarify it. Hence a confusing business atmosphere is now prevailing in the economy and business. Business psychology & tactics, and economic theories will not go as per concepts and theory rather it is different and based on prediction and confidence on time considering many economic, geographic, social and political factors. Business community would consider just blaming them for price hike unfair. Unsatisfied business community leads an economy to anywhere but prosperity.

Ranking of Saudi Banks using CRAMEL Model Pages From : 18-26
Author(s) : Dr.K.Ravichandran,Dr.R.B. Sharma
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   This paper analyses the efficiency and performance using CRAMEL–type variables on selected commercial banks in Saudi Arabia. The results predominantly shows that all the Saudi Arabian banks were performing well and the only area all the banks has to concentrate was Asset Quality. Concentration over public deposits was very low when compared to the loans. Bank Al Jazira was rated the best Bank when compared to the other Saudi Arabian Banks based on CRAMEL model

Financial statement analysis of Sundaram Clyaton Limited Pages From : 27-32
Author(s) : Dr. K. Kamar Jahan
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   This paper attempted to review the financial performance of Sundaram Clayton Limited which is a market leader in the field of air and assisted Brake actuation system for a wide range of commercial and earth moving vehicles in India. This study is based on secondary data collected from the annual reports of the company for the last 5 years. The collected data have been tabulated, analyzed and interpreted with the help of different financial ratios, Multivariate Discriminate Analysis (MDA) as developed by Prof. Altman and trend analysis. It was observed from the study of the company is performing well and the researcher has suggested about the use of debt which is very low currently and also concluded that the company has to take steps to improve the profitability...

Employees perception towards service climate Pages From : 33-40
Author(s) : Dr. R. Arasu,Dr. S. Arun Kumar
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   The purpose of the study is to examine the perception of employees about the service climate in various dimensions like service leadership, service encounter, service systems, human resource management, customer satisfaction, etc in hotel industry (Tamilnadu). It suggests that hotel industry must take steps to improve the employee morale in order to enhance the value of the employee and also it should also provide facilities to develop the service quality