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Vol No. 1 Issue 2 : June 2012
Factors Affecting the Investment Advisor Performance: A Study in the Colombo Stock Exchange Pages From : 1-15
Author(s) : D.L.P.M.Rathnasingha
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    The brokerage firms are only allowed party to buy and sell shares on behalf of investors in the stock exchange. Their success is unswervingly depends on the performance of the investment advisors employed, the key people who advice and persuade the
investor and take their orders. With the objective of finding as to what constitute human capabilities of successful investment advisors at work, this study employs the survey method and gathered information over a sample of 61 investment advisors across 5 brokering firms of Colombo Stock Exchange on three categories of personal information namely knowledge, social background and personal traits through a well structured questionnaire. First, the levels of associations between some of the main characteristics and performance have been measured through correlations. Next, the total sample of investment advisors has been bifurcated as high and low performing groups and then their personal characteristics have been compared statistically. Our results shows that the success as an investment advisor is mainly determined by the social background of the investment advisor which includes factors such as parental social class, school attended, close relatives’ involvements in security investments and their success. Although, it is found that the level of formal education is not a key factor that determines the success of investment advisors, the experience, exposure to the industry and the special knowledge on investment management acquired through training programmes are important considerations of the success. Personal traits of
investment advisors demonstrated a kind of mixed results 
E-Shopping and Customer Innovation Pages From : 16-24
Author(s) : Dr. R. Arasu
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   The objective of this paper is to examine the role of ecommerce in shopping. In particular, we investigate the role of consumer innovativeness in the determination of online shopping. Our survey of 125 respondents in India reveals that individuals with higher levels of Internet usage and those who score high on (a) open-processing innovativeness and (b) domain-specific innovativeness are more likely to adopt the Internet for shopping. Domain-specific innovativeness was found to have the biggest impact (b=0.61), followed by Internet usage (b=0.17) and open-processing innovativeness (b=0.06). Since both open- processing innovativeness and domainspecific innovativeness have positive effects on consumer adoption of online shopping, marketers of products on the Internet may want to develop the means by which they can nurture both general innovativeness and Internet-related innovativeness among consumers

The Determinant of Thailand Export Demand by Industries Pages From : 25-34
Author(s) : Tatchawan Kanitpong
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   The purpose of this paper is to investigate the determinant of Thailand export demand with quarterly data for the period 1997 through 2011. This paper included price and income variables to estimate error correction model. In addition, these models are tested to satisfy the econometric issues such as stationarity and serial correlation. The export demand functions are estimated for 3 main industries which included: Automotive and Parts, Garment and Textile, and Gem and Jewelry. The results of this paper indicate that price elasticity for automotive and parts industry, and gem and jewelry industry has corrected sign and valued greater than 1 in absolute term. Garment and textile industry has unit price elasticity. Income elasticity for automotive and parts, and garment and textile industry have a large number with positive sign. Even though, income elasticity for gem and jewelry has correct positive sign but is not significantly different from zero. The results of this paper conclude that devaluation, price competition, and export-led growth are an effective policy for improving Thailand export performance.