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Vol No. 6 Issue 1 : October 2017
Author(s) : Dr. A. Vanitha
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   Employee's Stress can be managed if some efforts are made in a smart manner. Therefore make an attempt to discover the healthy change for women. Workplace stress is the harmful physical and emotional response that occurs when there is a poor match between job demands and the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker. A variety of factors contribute to workplace stress such as negative workload, isolation, extensive hours worked, toxic work environments, lack of autonomy, difficult relationships among coworkers and management, management bullying, harassment and lack of opportunities or motivation to advancement in one’s skill level. Stress is a part and parcel of everybody's life. Women also suffer from stress at almost all times but there are certain specific conditions that might lead to some special kind of stress. Therefore make an attempt to discover the healthy change for women. When women employee feel overwhelmed, they lose confidence and become irritable or withdrawn, making them less productive and effective and their work less rewarding. If the warning signs of work stress in women employee go unattended, they can lead to bigger problems. Beyond interfering with job performance and satisfaction, chronic or intense stress can also lead to physical and emotional health problems in women employee. My work helped in offering advice and tips to women employee for reduce and manage stress in her life so she can perform well in her job. This paper looks into the modern age stress prevalent in the life of women employee at the work place. It brings out the factors causing stress at the work place in women employee, what women employee do to reduce it, and suggestions that may improve the performance levels at the same time. It is vital that the issue of stress in the workplace in women employee is addressed. The paper includes outcome of a sample survey done on women employee from different vocations and their views on the topic

Author(s) : Md. Arif Billah,Mohammad Manjur Alam
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   The purpose of this paper is to examine the situation of social exclusion of street beggar; this paper also examine the development policies for beggar in Bangladesh and to understand how the existing policies can protect street beggar’s rights and how they could enjoy country’s currently available facilities. It explored the linkage between beggar rights in Bangladesh and inclusion of street beggar in development policies to improve their situation, besides it is pointed the weakness of policies for not showing expected outcomes. The data had been collected from analytical review of available literature on street begging in Bangladesh along with government and international organizations reports regarding this matter. The findings of this work demonstrated less concentration about street begging in development policies for beggar, together with not covering all street begging in running projects. The analysis advocated micro credit or collateral free loan or qard e hasana and Zakat as the prior policy for them to ensure the fundamental rights as a human being in Bangladesh.

Author(s) : Dr.P.Srithar,N.Bairavi,G. Mariselvam
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   Women perform an important role in building the real backbone of a nation’s economy. They have the potential and the will to establish and manage enterprises of their own. These qualities and strengths of women are to be tapped for productive channels. Yet women should overcome additional barriers to have equitable access to entrepreneurial opportunities. The primary objective of the study is to study the socio-economic conditions of Dalit women before and after becoming an entrepreneur in Madurai city.

Author(s) : Shabana Faizal,Dr. S. Radha
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   Most of the times Customers think that they purchased only the products that they shopped. But often they also purchase the experience of shopping along with the products that they bought. This experience of shopping is highly influenced by the visual merchandising displays used in the store. This displays means the feature areas where the merchandise is presented. There are plenty of research that is already done on the effect that visual merchandising has on consumer behaviour. This paper throws special attention to the visual merchandising displays used in retail apparel stores and the capability of it to increase retail shoppability. The way merchandise is displayed and promoted in apparel retail stores can have vast impact on the responses of the consumer and can affect the overall sales of the store. The main research question addressed in this paper is the effect of visual merchandising displays on consumer behaviour. For this qualitative data was collected from focus groups and naïve sketches were used to support the findings. The data was analysed using thematic analysis. The findings indicated that the displays guided the consumers and influenced them subconsciously