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Vol No. 5 Issue 1 : July 2016
Research on the Environment load of Aluminum Industry in China Pages From : 01-10
Author(s) : Zhao He-chun,,Wang Ran,,Hou Si-yuan
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   Based on the Resource and Environment Position Assessment / Analysis, (REPA) andrnthe sample data of the consumption of resources and energy and emissions ofrnaluminum industry in China from 2010-2014, this paper analyzes the trend of thernenvironment load of aluminum industry in China, some suggestions for sustainablerndevelopment of aluminum industry in China have been recommended.

Land Fragmentation and Land Productivity: Empirical Evidence from Land Distribution Schemes of Sri Lanka Pages From : 11-21
Author(s) : N. C. Wickramaarachchi,Jeevika Weerahewa
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   The purpose of this study is to assess the effects of land fragmentation on paddy landrnproductivity in Land distribution schemes in Sri Lanka. At the inception, landlessrnfarmers were granted with equal sized low lands. Subsequently, the initial landrnallocation was sub-divided and distributed among the children. Currently, therncontribution to Gross domestic product is gradually declining. Using systematicrnrandom sample method, 935 paddy farmers were selected who were cultivating 1230rnlowland plots in Anuradhapura district in Sri Lanka. Face to face interviews werernconducted using a structured questionnaire to collect data. The results clearly indicaternthat the size of the land plot has a positive and significant effect on land productivity.rnThe number of plots and distance has a statistically significant and negative effect onrnproductivity. The results suggest that land fragmentation adversely affects the landrnproductivity. Policies and programs that lead to increase in plot size and decrease inrnnumber of plots owned by a farmer in order to improve land productivity in landrndistribution schemes in Sri Lanka.

A Study of Preferred Study Destination of Indian Students Abroad Pages From : 22-30
Author(s) : Mr. Majo George,Dr. R. Arasu,Dr. Lekshmi. R. S
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   As our global society become increasingly interconnected, people from all cultures,rnraces and ethnicities have more contact with other parts of the world. Internationalrneducational exchange is one avenue that allows students from all over the world torndevelop an international understanding by experiencing life in a new culture or country.rnThe number of students enrolled in tertiary education outside their country ofrncitizenship has sharply increased over the last decades, reflecting the expansion ofrntertiary education systems worldwide and the globalisation of economies and societies.rnHigher education has expanded remarkably in recent decades. China and India haverndoubled their enrolments in the past 10 years alone. The objective of the study is to findrnout the demographic profile of prospective Indian students and the preferredrndestination. The descriptive research design was followed in this research. Thernresearcher has distributed 770 questionnaires, but collected back 580 questionnaires.rnAfter scrutiny, a sum of 174 filled-in-questionnaires has rejected due tornincompleteness, errors and inadequate information. Finally, 406 filled questionnairesrnwere used in the present study. The sampling technique used for collecting data isrnconvenience sampling. The findings shows that the most preferred destination is USrnfollowed by UK, Canada, Singapore and Australia, preferred duration is for more thanrnone year followed by for a year, for a semester, for a summer and for a few weeks.rnTypes of study interested in pursuing while abroad are Master degree, Bachelor degreernand Ph.D. This knowledge is a key to formulating effective communication andrnrecruitment strategies for Higher education institutes to attract Indian students.