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Vol No. 4 Issue 5 : February 2016
A Study on the Performance of Textile Sector in Tanzania-Challenges and ways Forward Pages From : 01-14
Author(s) : Keregero Chirongo Moses
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   Tanzania’s textile sector has passed through various stages since independence to date,rnfrom a period where most of the textile industries were owned by the government to thernperiod where private companies are the main owners. Thus the present paper assess thernevolution and performance of textile sector before and after trade liberalization with focusrnon the current challenges facing the sector and the ways forward to boost the sector.rnThe growth of any country economy depends on the country’s investment on industriesrnand its ability to export finished goods to other countries, as the result of this the presentrnpaper has tried to assess the performance of textile sector in Tanzania and has usedrnsecondary sources to gather data relevant for the study, various literatures concerningrnthe problem were used during the study so as to examine the development of the sector.rnThe present paper pinpoints the current problems facing the sector, the research resultsrnshows that the development of the sector is not impressive as most of the stakeholders inrnthe industry are now quitting the market due to various reasons such as trade policyrnwhich has allowed the influx of cheap second hand clothes and other imports.rnFurthermore the present paper suggests some measures to be used to boost the sector.

Incentives when Environment and Unobservable Managerial Effort Complement Pages From : 15-19
Author(s) : Krishnamurthy Surysekar
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   This paper presents a simple model showing the incentive payments to a manager when hisrnefforts are unobservable and the efforts and the environment act in a complementaryrnfashion. Using the example of manufacturing quality, we show that 1) incentive paymentsrnincrease with increase in cost of quality and 2) managerial effort at quality increases withrnincentive payments.

Human Resources Development: Special Education For Differently Abled Pages From : 20-24
Author(s) : Dr. Mahabir Prasad Yadav
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   Certain values or necessities arernessential for human beings for conductingrntheir life in a dignified manner.rnHuman resources development i.e.,rneducation is one of the essential valuesrnsuch as food, clothing, shelter medical carern/ health etc.rnWe all human beings differ fromrneach other in some way or the other;rnAnd hence, the ways we all acquirernlearning, knowledge, and wisdom differrnfrom each other as the product in thernprocess of human resources development