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Vol No. 5 Issue 2 : December 2016
Impact of Capital Structure on Value of Firm (A case Study of Oman Flour Mills Company) Pages From : 1-10
Author(s) : Dr. Sandeep Ojha
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    This paper is an attempt to find out the impact of capital structure on profitability of selectedrnmanufacturing companies listed in Muscat Security Market. For this purpose, researcherrnhas selected Oman Flour Mills Company. The main objective of the paper is to find out thernimpact of capital structure on firm’s value. To achieve the aim researcher will investigate thernrelationship between the variables and will identify the factors influencing the value of thernfirm. Researcher will use statistical package for social science (SPSS) software to analysisrnthe data wherever needed.

An Examination of Sexual Harassment, Job Stress and Turnover Intention: Evidence from Egypt Pages From : 11-26
Author(s) : Tarek A. El Badawy,Noura Ghoneim,Mariam M. Magdy
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   Despite many efforts exerted to minimize workplace sexual harassment, it remains a strikingrnproblem for employees, regardless of their occupations. The purpose of this study was torninvestigate the effect of workplace sexual harassment on job stress and turnover intention.rnSurvey responses were composed of 100 working women. Results showed that there isrnindeed a correlation between workplace sexual harassment and turnover intention.rnHowever, there was no clear correlation between workplace sexual harassment and jobrnstress. This study demonstrated that workplace sexual harassment is a critical matter thatrnneeds to be observed closely and handled with strict measures, otherwise employees willrnbe vulnerable in an unhealthy working environment that affects their performancernnegatively and increases turnover intention.

The Impacts of System Quality on use Under Top Management Support as Moderating Variables in the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Pages From : 27-43
Author(s) : Heri Wijayanto,Tulus Haryono,Salamah Wahyuni , Hunik Sri Runing
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   The purpose of this study is to analyze the impacts of system quality on use, and as well asrnto analyze the role of top management support as a moderate variable on the system qualityrneffects on use in ERP implemented at some universities. In hope to achieve a superior andrnnotable higher education system, the government decided to implement an independentrninstitution with dignified, credible, and accountable accreditation viewed as a national andrninternational referral and that is the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BANPT),rnand one of BAN-PT rating is to measure how far the ERP implementation is in College.rnThis research was conducted in East Java Indonesia, taking 164 colleges as samples, withrnanalysis tools using SEM version 22. The results showed that the system quality does notrnaffect the use with p value = 0.213, and the moderate top management support in systemrnquality impacts on use ERP Colleges, using p value = 0.000. The research conclusions are:rn1). The most influential Indicator in top management support in order to determine thernsuccess of ERP implementation in colleges largely depends on the budget availabilityrnprovided by the management, 2). The top management support variable is significantlyrnproven to have contributed in strengthening or lessening the effect of system quality onrnuse, 3) Universities in East Java-Indonesia in the implementation of ERP system are alreadyrnreflecting the level of the user satisfaction above the average, as seen from the distributionrnof respondents responses that show an average value of 3.65 on a scale of 5, and which canrnbe considered as good.

Gender Differences in Brand Equity Creation Process: A Multi-group Analysis Approach Pages From : 44-57
Author(s) : Isaac Twum Asare,Shen Lei
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   Research suggests that men and women respond differently to marketing activities andrnthus affect their perception about the brand and subsequently their purchase behavior.rnIt is also well documented that marketing activities are key elements in brand equityrncreation. Base on this, the current research examines the differential effect that brandrnknowledge has on male and female consumers’ response to a brand’s marketingrnactivities, specifically price and price promotion. Using a multi-group analysis approach,rna partial invariance structural model was examined across the male and femalernresponses and findings suggest that gender does moderate brand equity creation.rnAmong male respondents, price promotion had a negative effect on perceived qualityrnbut this was positive and non-significant for female respondents. Furthermore, therninfluence of perceived quality on brand loyalty was significantly stronger for femalesrnthan males, and the image of a brand also contributes into creating loyalty for males butrnnot necessary for females. The findings provide several managerial insights forrnpractitioners.