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Vol No. 4 Issue 2 : August 2015
Impact of Facebook on the Students Pages From : 01-06
Author(s) : R. Anjana,Krishna K
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   Since the inception of Facebook in the year 2004, its use has been increasing drastically. Face book is one of the social networking sites that has rapidly changed the way humans interact. It has won the attraction of all the age groups whether adults, youngsters or the teenagers. It is used immensely by the students for social interactions and network building. Facebook has penetrated the lives of the students and have a deep impact on the way they express themselves. Though it can have positive impact on the students, the negative impact has overshadowed the goodness of Facebook. For my study entitled ‘’Impact of Facebook on the Students’’ I have collected both the primary and secondary data. The primary data is collected by administering the questionnaire to 200 college students in the Visakhapatnam city consisting of the intermediate, degree and post graduate students. The questionnaire is divided into three sections (Demographics, impact on behaviour and studies). The primary objective of this study is to analyse if the impact of Facebook on students is positive or negative. This objective is met by analysing other secondary objectives. The secondary objectives are to find the impact of the Facebook on the behaviour and the studies of the students.

Gamifying Recruitment Process: A Qualitative Study Aimed At Bridging the Skills Gap in UAE Jobs Market Pages From : 07-27
Author(s) : Hanan Abdullah Mohammed Saeed,Sobia Younis Younis,Dr. Chowdhury Golam Hossan
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   The overall purpose of HRM is to ensure that the organization is able to achieve success through people. And this is ensured by the two major practices and policies of HRM, recruitment and selection of job candidates. The aim of this research is to introduce gamification in recruitment strategies as a guider of high school students' educational and career selection that is driven by jobs market demands. The first part of this paper identifies thoroughly to the reader the definition and problem of skills gap in jobs market generally, and more specifically in UAE's context. Skills gap is the mismatch between what jobs market demands and what job seekers actually provide. Because such gap is widening instead of closing, although more graduates are entering jobs market and more jobs are available, recruitment strategy is defined to highlight the importance of attracting the right job candidates. Following, as it is very important to the reader to have an overall viewpoint of the meaning of Gamification in recruitment, how it influences behaviors and attitudes, and how it affects high school students' decision making, we interviewed three students and analyzed their perceptions towards the game element, recognizing the recruitment games' effect on students' selection of majprs. Finally, some concluding recommendations have been addressed
A Study on Portrayal of Women in Advertisements and Its Effect on Cultural Values Pages From : 28-38
Author(s) : Dr.A.Krishna,Selvadurgadevi Kandavel,Pawline .M
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  Today everyone needs to advertise their products to inform the customers about the product, increase the sales, acquire market share, and attain top position in their respective industry. Every business spends lot of money for advertising their products but the money spent will lead to success only when the best techniques of advertising are used for the product. In recent years, advertising has witnessed a significant transformation in attracting customer to buy/use their products/services. The need for advertisements has risen to great levels in print and visual media. One among the transformation is the way women are depicted in advertising, with changing times, reflecting the transformation taking place in society. Advertising is one of the major media that affect our daily life consciously and unconsciously and are responsible to play a significant role in shaping the society in a much broader perspective. Women today are no longer consolidated behind kitchen walls. Their aspiration for stepping out in the world made society to think differently. Marketer wisely utilized this transformation process to launch their product and advertisement strategically. This paper is a part of research work and the report will seek to define the portrayal of women in advertisements and its effect on cultural values. Survey research method is used for the analysis on the basis of gender and age. The literature review indicates that the women are portrayed mainly as an object of attraction. The results argue that the portrayal in advertising is changing the concept of respect about women, spreading uncultured values and also indicate women's physical beauty as an instrument to induce the products demands.