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Vol No. 3 Issue 4 : September 2014
Work Life Balance: An Empirical Study of Married Women Entrepreneurs in the City of Mangalore, Karnataka Pages From : 1-14
Author(s) : Ms. P.V Sumitha,Mrs. Preethi Keerthi DSouza
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   Commitment to married life brings in lot of responsibilities. In the Indian Context, this statement is still true. Women entrepreneurs face lot of challenges in society which is still a male dominated one. A married women entrepreneur faces still more challenges due to her commitment to family and at work and this is explored in this paper. Present paper gives insight on the topic Work Life Balance (WBL). It identifies and explores the areas that affect the working of married women entrepreneurs. The factors which come as a hindrance towards WLB are analyzed and the role played by family, friends and employees is explained. In general all over the world the new generation women have overcome many negative notions and have proved themselves beyond doubt in all spears of life including entrepreneurship. The women entrepreneurs of this study come from a humble background and are doing their best in this field. Thus in the study the researchers major focus was to develop and validate an appropriate tool to illustrate the WLB issues faced by married women entrepreneurs of Mangalore city. Hence the primary objective was to study if there exits any significance difference of opinion with regard to WLB issues of entrepreneurial women belonging to service and manufacturing sectors. The present research provides recommendations for women entrepreneurs and their counterparts to balance work and life.

Assessing the Comparative Efficiency of State University in Sri Lanka - Using Data Envelopment Analysis Pages From : 15-23
Author(s) : K.K.K. Dharmathilaka,Ariyarathna Jayamaha
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   In Sri Lanka, currently fifteen state universities operate under the apex body of University Grants Commission (UGC) in Sri Lanka. Planning and coordination of university education, allocation of funds, maintenance of academic standards, and regulation of the administration of those universities are functioned by the UGC. However, it is general concern that the many state universities do not function efficiently in terms of academically and financially during the past few years. The Government Auditor General also views that the expenditure allocated to the state universities during the past few years have not been utilized in appropriate manner. Conversely, reports of international organizations have revealed that the world ranking of Sri Lankan universities is moving favorably towards better position. These views are led to do a study to see the efficiency of state universities in Sri Lanka. This study focuses on measuring efficiency of all state universities in Sri Lanka using Data Envelpment Analysis (DEA). DEA methodology provides facility to evaluate the efficiency by comparing the all units of the sample and by considering financial and non-financial factors. This study found that 72% of Sri Lankan universities is efficiently operated in terms of academic and financial factors during the period from 2007 to 2011, while 28% is inefficient. Findings of this study give more insights for policy makers and university administration to make necessary steps to use their inputs more effectively in future.

Author(s) : Dr Sławomir Czarniewski
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   The purpose of this work is to show mechanisms and effects of communicating cus-tomer value. The communication process aims to create and strengthen attitudes among buyers, leading to a favorable reception of products / services as well as a change of attitude from neutral to positive – creative. The basis for the preparation of the paper was the conduction of an in-depth and comprehensive study on the effective-ness and efficiency of communicating customer value. This included the analysis of available secondary data from various institutions involved in marketing communica-tions, both in scientific and commercial applications, as well as the analysis of primary research conducted on a regional basis on enterprises operating on the Polish market. Empirical own studies were conducted among enterprises in Poland in 2011 on a sam-ple of 17 companies.