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Vol No. 3 Issue 1 : May 2014
Predicting Working Women Purchasing Behaviour of Malaysian Halal Cosmetic Products by Using Theory of Planned Behaviour Pages From : 1-7
Author(s) : Kamaljeet Kaur,Dr. Syuhaily Osman,Dr. Siti Maziha
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   This paper focuses on the Malaysian Working Women purchasing behaviour of Malaysian made halal cosmetic products. A self-administered questionnaire was designed as an instrument to gather information. The Theory of Planned Behaviour was used to measure the purchasing behavior. Three independent variables namely attitude, subjective norm and perceive behavioral control was used to determine purchasing behavior. A survey was conducted and 425 working women in the Klang Valley responded to the questionnaire. Results from the multiple regression showed that all the independent predictors are significant and subjective norm being the most important predictor. This study will provide the Malaysian halal cosmetic industry in particular with a greater understanding of the consumer behavior relating to halal cosmetics specially amongst working women. Lastly, recommendations and implications of finding have been discussed based on the findings.

Author(s) : Lenin karthikeyan
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   Packaging is a primary element in logistics systems. Packaging not only affects every supply chain activity; it is also recognised as having a significant impact on logistics costs and performance. In order for logisticians and packaging experts to acquire insight into packaging-dependent costs and performance, the interactions between packaging systems and logistics systems must be understood. Packaging is a coordinated system of preparing goods for safe, secure, efficient and effective handling, transport, distribution, storage, retailing, consumption and recovery, reuse or disposal combined with maximizing consumer value, sales and hence profit. This article serves as an elementary step towards understanding the role of packaging in the supply chain activities and also helps to explain how packaging related decisions might impact on supply chains. As a case study we have taken Packart Packing and Packaging Co. where we intend to evaluate company’s competitive strength relative to key weakness and to identify the specific areas of improvement and provide useful recommendations in order to increase its efficiency.

Effects of International Tourists Motivation and Perceived Value on Behavioral Intentions: A Study of Malaysian Hospitality Industry Pages From : 20-34
Author(s) : Normaziah Che Musa,Zainora Hayat Binti Hudi,M.S.B.Siddiq
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   The Purpose of this study is to analyze whether tourists motivations and perceived value influence their behavioral intentions to patronize the Malaysian Hospitality Industry (MHI). The opinion of 104 international tourists visiting popular attractions in Klang Valley were collected using self-completed questionnaries. Partial Least Squares (PLS) was used test the causal relationships between travel motivations, perceived value, and behavioral intentions. The results from PLS regression analysis show that travel motivation and perceived value have positive impact on behavioral intention of international tourists to visit Malaysia, while satisfaction mediates the relationship, indicating its importance. This study should help policy markers and service providers in the tourism sector to develop a framework for formulating appropriate marketing strategies to continue attracting international tourists to Malaysia. Managerial implications of the study was well as future research directions in the area are discussed