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Vol No. 2 Issue 8 : January 2014
An Empirical Study on Eco-Friendly Awareness and Practice among College Youth Pages From : 1-7
Author(s) : Ms. R.D. INDUMATHI,Dr. M.V. ARULALAN
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    As long as man used nature to cater his needs there was no problem, but when his attention and attitude turned towards attaining more economic wealth and comfort. The earth has started to loose its comfort ability and compatibility to the process of self-healing and regeneration. Man‟s activities nowadays have created the doubt of sustainability of the earth. All these problems could be solved only when man starts loving his environment and try to protect it. This becomes possible only if he has proper environmental awareness towards eco-friendly attitude and starts practicing eco-friendly behavior. There are four ways of limiting what we get into the waste stream and it is abbreviated as- „3RCs‟ Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Composting. This study seeks to focus on the eco-friendly attitude of college youth on their awareness and practice level.

An Empirical study on the Personal Care Products usage purpose among Bengaluru Youth Consumers Pages From : 8-16
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   Advertising has an extreme importance in our society, as it is ubiquitous. Personal Care Products have become the order of the day. In developed countries and developing countries, consumers have started using the PCP Products to enhance their beauty/handsomeness. Youth Consumers play a significant role in deciding the market share of a company. Therefore, it is evidently clear to study the PCP marketing segment in burgeoning country like India. Owing to the climate prevailing and the Cosmopolitan life style of Bengaluru city, the usage of PCPs is widespread among its youth. This study investigates the effects of personal profiles and PCP Influencer who kindles the interest of youth consumers to buy and the Advertisement Perception about PCP Products which result in Usage Purpose of Youth Consumers

Pages From : 17-28
Author(s) : Saroj Datar,Dr. Shaila Bootwala
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   Businesses today are facing multiple challenges not only in maintaining its current position but also surviving in the downturn of economy. The survival depends upon the continued demand from the society, continuous supply of the resources from the environment to feed the emerging demand and ability to remain solvent financially by managing the business processes efficiently and effectively. In order to sustain themselves in the long run, organizations must, therefore, strive to achieve better performance across the three dimensions of the Triple Bottom Line.

   This study provides a snapshot and comparison of the performance of 150 Indian companies, their corporate sustainability initiatives undertaken across different industry sectors, their turnover, listing on BSE, their timely alertness in appointing the post of sustainability officer, their environmental awareness in acquiring sustainability related certifications and disclosing the relevant information under sustainability reporting practices by them

An Application of Signed-Distance Ranking Function Methodology to the Multi-Item Inventory Optimization Model within a Supply Chain Pages From : 29-38
Author(s) : S. S. Appadoo,Heather H. Kim
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   In this paper, we revisit the multi-item economic order quantity inventory model (MI-EOQ) under uncertainty, arbitrariness and randomness. To solve such a problem, we use the signed distance ranking function methodology. In our approach, we quantify the model parameters in the MI-EOQ inventory model by fuzzy distribution function rather than random variables. Numerical examples are provided towards the end of the paper to illustrate the salient point in the model formulation. The proposed methodology to the MIEOQ inventory model can be easily extended to other more complex inventory models whose models parameters cannot be obtained precisely