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Vol No. 3 Issue 7 : December 2014
The Influence of Ethics at Work Place: A Study at Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Pages From : 1-10
Author(s) : Asokan Vasudevan,Dr. Ibrahim Zahari
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   The ethics at workplace has become problem for the academicians in recent years. This has emerged as a new phenomenon that needs further search to understand the critical issues that has been ignored in the past. Ethics is something that deals with what is right and what is wrong. The essential concept of ethics is how a civilized human should conduct everyday dealings when interacting with people around them. Ethics differ from acts that affect the individuals to acts that effect the organizations or the community as a whole. Ethics at the workplace may build up as a result of internal or external causes. Personality characteristics, social and interpersonal factors, and organizational factors are considered as the dominant factors in causing ethical behavior or unethical behavior at workplace. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of the key independent variables; organizational factors, social and interpersonal factors, and personality characteristics factors on the dependent variable ethics at the workplace. The results of conducting the statistical result of correlation analysis and liner regression analysis, among all independent variables which are organizational factors, social and interpersonal factors, and personality characteristics factors with the dependent variable which is ethics at the workplace, a result was one of the research hypothesis will be accepted and two hypotheses will be rejected. SPSS Statistics 20 was the most important tool in analyzing the data that will be collected after distributing the questionnaires. There was a lack of available and reliable information from the data collected, since the topic about ethics at the workplace it’s a quiet sensitive topic, respondents does not tell the correct behavior and attitudes.

Warehouse order Sizes and Cross Docking Pages From : 11-17
Author(s) : Avninder Gill
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   The basic economic order model does not take into account a number of cost categories and at best, presents a generic model that needs to be modified for various situations. The present paper considers a warehouse ordering quantity under JIT shipments and considers cost categories that are normally not considered under the traditional formula. The approach is illustrated with the help of a numerical example.

Using Effective Educational Management in the Working Process of School Principal as a Leader Pages From : 18-25
Author(s) : Irma Kurdadze,Nana Makaradze,Nino Mikeladze
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   The presented work reflects on the importance of educational management in modern
pedagogy and the current developments in school life, which demands a new
educational approach. From its side it is reflected in the role of school leaders. Paper
suggests that the strong educational system and effective educational policy
management is a key point in forming a highly qualified school principal. First the paper
examinees various skills and responsibilities of school principal, one of which is
strengthening teachers‘ professional development. The article offers an assessment
scale for school principals’ and a research done within Georgian school principals,
namely in Akhaltsikhe and Ajara region. The results showed that the component of
caring of teacher development got the lowest scores. According to the empirical
research results the paper comes to the conclusion that the school leader is a person
with a crucial importance for constant development of educational process which
includes teacher development and with particular leadership skills can achieve the
better outcome in this direction. The paper concludes by offering a number of
recommendations arising from the analyses.
Investigation the Fluctuations of Exchange rate on the Non-oil Exports in Iran (A Case Study: Iranian caviar) Pages From : 26-35
Author(s) : Anayatallah Najibzadeh,Mehrdad Moradi,Fariba Majidip
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   Achieving the appropriate models of the economic development is required to achieve sustainable economic growth and comprehensive development. Experience of the other countries, specially the countries of East Asia suggests that these countries have used the model of export development properly to achieve high and sustainable economic growth. In terms of our country economy of which has always been dependent on oil production and exports in order to earn currency revenues and with respect to the fluctuations of the oil price in the past programs of the economic- social and cultural development of country and amount of the countrys oil reverses and the ability to export it, alternative policy of the Non-oil exports were considered to provide the required currency for the country. In fact in this new point, the domestic industries were encouraged more than ever as well as produce imported goods to the other countries. Caviar is also one of the products that can play a significant role for development of Non-oil exports., in this study we have tried to investigate the factors affecting the export of Iranian caviar, with an emphasis on the foreign exchange rate and by using a auto regressive disturbance lag mode, during a short and a long-term pattern . The results of the analysis indicate that variable of Iranian caviar export level is directly correlated with the variables of production of caviar, actual foreign exchange rate and openness of the economy of Iran and its inversely correlated with the average world price of caviar.

Mechanisms of Shaping Relationships with of the Market Environment Pages From : 36-48
Author(s) : Dr. Sławomir Czarniewski
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   The pace of economic transformation and growing competition in the market means that companies are somehow forced to take new measures to improve the effectiveness of communication with their market environment. The purpose of this work is to show mechanisms of communicating and shaping relationships with the market environment. The important aspect is effective communication between the company and partners of the market environment. The next important issue is two-way communication and public interest. Building an effective and efficient communication system means skillfully combining traditional and new marketing communication tools. The basis for the preparation of the paper was the conduction of an in-depth and comprehensive study on the effectiveness and efficiency of communicating customer value. Reflections contained in the paper do not have definite characteristics and should be treated as an opinion in the discussion