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Vol No. 2 Issue 5 : September 2013
A Synoptic Look on the Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Indias Gross Domestic Product Pages From : 1-8
Author(s) : Dr. (Mrs.) K. Kamar Jahan
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     In this paper, the impact of global financial crisis on India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is investigated upon in an aggregate demand framework using quarterly data for the period from 1996 to 2010. GDP, consumption expenditure, capital formation and export were found to be co-integrated. Co-integration estimation re-affirms that domestic consumption remains the key driver of India’s GDP growth. The present analysis establishes that though India’s trade sector dwindled and investment activity declined in the aftermath of global financial crisis, its GDP growth slackened only marginally as domestic consumption provided the necessary buffer in limiting the adverse impact of global financial crisis on the Indian economy.

Entropy Assisted TOPSIS Model With Application to Supplier Selection Problem Pages From : 9-16
Author(s) : S.S. Appadooa
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       In this paper, we use a modified entropy assisted TOPSIS (Technique for Order Performance by Similarity to Ideal Solution) model to rank suppliers in terms of their overall performances to various criteria within supply chain. An illustrative numerical example is solved to show the effectiveness and feasibility of the suggested model and to demonstrate how the approach is used in the supplier selection problem. To ensure fairness in the selection process objective weights are derived from the decision matrix. This entropy approach reflects the subjective information in the decision matrix and as a result yields the relative weights of the multiple evaluation criteria.

Impact of Workplace Stress on Employee Performance An Empirical Investigation Pages From : 17-29
Author(s) : Shipraa Shri
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    Stress in individual is defined as any interference that disturbs a persons’ healthy mental and physical well being. It occurs when the body is required to perform beyond its normal range of capabilities. Stress is the way that you react physically, mentally and emotionally to various conditions, changes and demands in your life. Stress when built into an organizations’ structure due to Changes in working practices, such as the introduction of new technology or the alternation of organizations’ structure, new technology or the alternative of targets can be refereed as Organizational Stress.High levels of stress can affect your physical and mental well being and performance.Stress less life enable employees to execute their present and future related roles and aids in developing their capabilities for better organizational performance. Though the measure of organizational performance are many ranging from financial to behavior ones many aspect like job satisfaction etc have been focused. The present paper attempts to analyze and determine the relationship further the impact of workplace stress on Organizational goals and employee performance. The study is based on responses sought from 100 executives from various departments of a private sector undertaking located in North India. The questionnaire relating to workplace stress, employee performance and organizational goals was administered to sample population and the findings indicate that Workplace stress has a definite impact on Employee performance and hence hampers Organizational goals.

A Cross-Cultural Study of Buying Behavior: A Case Study of Smart Phones in Taiwan and India Pages From : 30-34
Author(s) : Mandy Lalrindiki
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     This research studied the consumer buying behavior of smart phones in two countries; Taiwan and India. The prime objective of the study was to examine the factors influencing the buying behavior in these two countries. The results from the findings were used to answer the research questions that were stated. Quantitative method was used with primary data collected through questionnaires in these two countries. It was found that there are different criteria that influenced the purchasing behavior and was different in the two countries. It was also found that family played a great role among Indian customers whereas Taiwanese customers are more influenced by their peer groups

Impact of Air Pollution on Air Quality in Chennai city Pages From : 35-51
Author(s) : Dr. SUJATHA. P
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    The rapid growth of population in the CMA has been causing a strain on the existing urban services and infrastructure, for want of expansion and better management. The transport sector is vital and needs carefully planned expansion to meet the demands of the increasing population. The need to take an integrated long- term view of transport needs of CMA and to plan road development, public transport services and suburban rail transport as a part of the urban planning process have been well recognized as essential for the efficient functioning of the urban system. The urban population in Chennai city is expected to increase tremendously by 2030. The City faces severe problem of congestion due to runaway growth of personalized vehicles. The traffic management in the City is marked by introduction of a series of oneway traffic system. Traffic control devices, traffic signs and road markings are not adequately maintained to retain their legibility and visibility. Inadequate enforcement of traffic rules, lack of road sense and restraint by road-users and insufficient regulatory measures characterize the present situation. Air Pollution due to vehicular emission has done a lot of harm to the environment and environment changes. “Air pollution and population health” is one of the most important environmental and public health issues. Economic development, urbanization, energy consumption, transportation/motorization, and rapid population growth are major driving forces of air pollution in large cities, especially in mega cities. A study conducted in Chennai City showed similar health effects on mortality associated with exposure to particulate matter (PM), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2). In conclusion, ambient air pollution is a health hazard. It is more important for cities in developing countries within the context of pollution level and population density. Improving air quality has substantial, measurable and important public health benefits.