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Vol No. 1 Issue 8 : March 2013
Mediatory Effect of Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy on the Relationship between Strategic Orientation and SME Performance: A Research Model Pages From : 1-18
Author(s) : Herath H.M.A,Rosli Mahmood
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        Performance of the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) is critical for the economic and social advancement of any country due to their contribution in deferent aspects. The level of strategic orientation of SMEs has been researched in previous studies as a predictor of performance. Purpose of this his study is to propose a research model with the mediatory effect of entrepreneurial self- efficacy which make the relationship between strategic orientation and firm performance more stronger and directional. The proposed model suggests that entrepreneurial orientation, Market orientation and learning orientation as predictors of SME performance while entrepreneurial self-efficacy is a significant mediator. The model contributes to better understanding of complex interactions between strategic orientations and SME performance.

Personality traits & the challenges of Business and Management - An empirical study of Automotive Industry Pages From : 19-29
Author(s) : Dr. R. Krishna,Mrs. Meera Uday
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      Achieving sustained sound economic performance in a fiercefully competitive environment demands excellent planning & executing skills. This necessitates a host of Personality traits, predominant among such of whom are Machiavellianism and Locus of Control. The objective of this research work is to understand their role in facing the challenges of Business and Management. The current survey based explorative & descriptive research focused on the said Personality Traits of 100 randomly chosen Medium & Small Scale Entrepreneurs, who manufacture Automotive Components/OEMs and in turn supply to the Automotive Component Giant - BOSCH Ltd., Bangalore. The study determined the two personality traits by administering two structured questionnaires and cross verified the same with their average annual business performance. Interestingly, the research has found that entrepreneurs with higher Machiavellianism and Internal Locus of Control are more successful. Hence, every entrepreneur should have these traits to achieve his entrepreneurial success, sustain it & grow and thus meet the challenges of Business.

Author(s) : Saidatou Dicko,Gaétan Breton
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       This research focuses on the reasons behind the constitution of the board of directors. We start with two theoretical positions: the social capital theory, stating that people construct social networks that are more or less efficient depending on their starting position in the system. Then we add the resource dependency, considering that those people will use these networks to bring resources to the firm. Over a case study methodology, we also use a network design approach, based on information gathered through annual reports, data bases and web sites. Our results show that the studied board was organized to open access to a series of strategic resources like financial resources, business opportunities, human resources recruitment facilities, legitimacy and social recognition and political connections prone to protect the firm against adverse laws or rulings