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Vol No. 1 Issue 7 : January 2013
Do Directors Connections Really Matter? Pages From : 01-19
Author(s) : Saidatou Dicko,Gaétan Breton
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   Our study draws on the resource dependence theory to examine the social and relational factors in constituting a board. Board members connect the firm with its environment through their personal networks. Here we examine the influence of board members relationships on firm performance. We consider that to fulfill efficiently their mandate of helping acquire external resources, board members use their networks, which in turn will influence firm performance positively. Using a sample of the 100 top Canadian firms, we analyze the impact of three types of directors connections on the firm financial performance. According to our results, the influence of directors connections of firm performance seems to be positive but limited in the time. Firstly, the networks of board members are beneficial to the firm. Secondly, this beneficial effect is limited in time. Thirdly, it appears that the degree of usefulness of a specific board members network depends on the companys activities.

The Impact of Relationship Marketing Levels on Non-Financial Hotel Performance Case of Study: Four and Five-Star Shiraz Hotels Pages From : 20-30
Author(s) : Fakhrieh.Hamidianpour,Seyed Yaghoub.Hosseini,Samaneh.Raeesi Nafchi
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   In todays competitive market it is usually not sufficient to only implement traditional marketing strategies. Relationship marketing is a new paradigm that is more customers focused in order to stand out from competitors and create sustainable competitive advantages. The application of relationship marketing in the hotel industry enables hotels to create customer satisfaction and thereby improve their performance. The aim of present research paper is to point out the impact of different levels of relationship marketing on non-financial performance based on 402 reviews of guests in four and five star hotels. In order to test the research hypothesis, Beta coefficient test was used. The research results have shown that relationship marketing levels positively affected the non-financial performance in hotels and the conceptual model has been accepted

Efficiency Measurement of Malaysias Palm Oil Refineries Applying Two-Stage Production Systems With Shared Inputs By DEA Pages From : 31-43
Author(s) : Suhaila Hj Abd Jalil,Zahra Shahverdi,Ali Ashrafi
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   This study investigates the changes in the efficiency of Malaysias palm oil refineries which based on trade theories it could be the source of decrease in Malaysias Processed Palm Oil (PPO) market share from 76% in 1996 to 54% in 2009 in the international market. The efficiency of palm oil refineries is evaluated by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). The structure of the production process of palm oil refineries can be divided into two, refining and fractionation, stages with input resource sharing. Therefore, this study applies the additive two-stage DEA model. According to the results, the inefficiency of refineries is related mostly to the refining stage while the efficiency rate in the fractionation stage is rather high. Furthermore, the results show that the efficiency rate of palm oil refineries has decreased from 99.4% in year 1996 to 91% in 2009 while it is Granger cause of reduction in Malaysias PPO market share in the world.

Characteristics of the Board and Bank Risk-Taking : A U.S. to European Comparison Pages From : 44-62
Author(s) : Isabelle Allemand,Hugh Grove
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   The study provides a comparison of the association between boards characteristics and risk-taking in European and United States banks. European banks have larger boards, fewer independent directors, more often a risk committee and less duality than United States banks. For both areas, the size of the board is negatively associated with risk and audit committee size is positively associated with risk when it is larger than 4. Larger boards at banks are necessary to adequately monitor complex issues and staff specialized committees. Some board characteristics exhibit a different association with risks at European and United States banks. Risk-taking is negatively associated with the percentage of independent directors and the size of the risk committee in the United States, and with duality in Europe.

Sovereign Wealth Fund Decision Scorecard (Dsc)- Macroeconomic Evidences from India Pages From : 63-68
Author(s) : Amanpreet Singh Chopra
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   Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) with combined asset under management of around $4.8 Trillion have emerged as major power in the financial world. The dominant effect of these funds in International finance was on display during the recent recession of 2008. The emergence of these funds has also resulted in renewed interest in academic research primarily focused on the portfolio and investments strategies of these funds. The On-Off debate for establishing an Indian Sovereign Fund to take up asset acquisition has been in process since 2008 and various commentators, economists and policy makers have suggested the establishment of fund with size any where ranging from $5 to $50 Billion. However, literature which has empirically analyzed the decision variables impacting the establishment of these funds is limited. Author has identified and collaborated list of 63 variables which were then rationalized to list of 30 variables that may affect establishment of Sovereign Wealth Fund for India. The identified variables were later distinguished under 6 decision streams. The static state of these variables was then analyzed with respect to macroeconomic and socio-political environment in country as on 2011. Author argues, that India is comfortably placed on forex reserve front which is adequate on all the adequacy matrices but the present slowdown in the economy, possible trade-off opportunities in infrastructure and social development and twin budget deficit on Current Account and Fiscal will weigh heavily against the creation of such fund. 

Strategies for Holistic Approach in Performance Appraisal Pages From : 69-79
Author(s) : Dr. MP Hrishikesh,SS Jeyakkumaran,K Saravanan
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   The objective of the study is to have an environmental scanning of performance appraisal (PA) practices in IT / ITES (Information Technology / Information technology enabled services) industry, there by understanding real corporate practice and approach of performance appraisal. It covers the process, objectives, tools, techniques and benefits of Performance Appraisal and cited real experience about various IT companies their performance appraisal process. The present study discuss about the approaches of performance appraisal and suggest the strategies to do the appraisal in a holistic way

Communication in Business Information Systems - New Perspectives Pages From : 87-92
Author(s) : Pavel Ocenasek,Miroslav Sveda
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   This paper outlines new perspectives of the effective design of communication in the business information systems. It deals both with the security and safety properties of the communication. The paper extends the theoretical principles and issues with the practical solutions.

A Study on the Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction in Multi-brand Apparel Retail Pages From : 80-86
Author(s) : Prof. Ram Mohan,Prof. Bhama T
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   A number of research studies have been conducted in the field of retail services,but hardly any research exists that attempts to take into account both service quality and features and measure their impact on customer satisfaction .The importance of such a study is immense in one of the fastest growing retail markets like India, where the impact of service quality and features on customer satisfaction from the retail users’ point of view is a very crucial field of discussion. After extracting different variables of service quality and features from studying a body of literature on services in apparel retail,this study attempts to identify the factors that influence customer satisfaction in multi-brand apparel retail. The main factors are extracted from the variables using factor analysis. Then the factors extracted have been used as independent variables and an attempt has been made to explore the impact of these factors on customer satisfaction as dependent variable