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Vol No. 2 Issue 7 : December 2013
Organizational Culture, Leadership and Performance in Nigeria: Moderating Effect of Ethical Decision Making Pages From : 1-9
Author(s) : MSB Siddiq
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    The growing global world of business and economic activities has opened doors of business opportunities for a number of multinational organizations to Nigeria, but making the business successful is always difficult as a result of room for unethical decisions of leadership and role of organizational culture. There is a growing concern in Nigeria among academics and practitioners about how business should behave. The links between organizational culture, leadership and performance have been examined, with little research on the effect of ethical decision making on the link. The present study attempts to fill this gap in the literature. The study assessed the moderating effect of ethical decision making on the relationship between organizational culture, leadership and performance in Nigeria

Contractors Project Managers contributions to the delays in projects of construction industry in gulf region Pages From : 10-19
Author(s) : Dr. Mamoon Mousa Atout
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     Many construction projects presents a special set of circumstances in which the contractor Project Manager has to focus and concentrate during each task work to make sure that the project will be completed on time, e.g. fast growth in construction projects, unrealistic construction times, the unique architectural features of many project designs, and international contractors firms including a multinational work force .This paper investigates the major factors causing project delay attributed the contractor project manager by demonstrating his duties and roles in avoiding project delay. The results are based on the questionnaires survey combined with interviews carried out with many project managers aimed at identifying the most important causes of delays in civil engineering construction projects in Gulf region from the viewpoint of construction contractors. Results of this study indicated that the Client and the Consultant contribute with the contractor to the causes of delays due to many factors These accumulated factors are considered as the principle reason for the problem experienced at the project construction stage where roles and principles has been identified of project managers has been identified to ensure the project completion without any delay

An Empirical Study on Impact of Employee Pages From : 20-34
Author(s) : Mrs. P.Sangeetha
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    Performance Management Systems (PMS) are complex; comprising diverse processes which seek to encourage the discretionary effort that enhances both individual and organizational performance. Performance Management System is one of the most important human resources systems in any organization. If the organization has an effective performance management system it can achieve its goal, by managing the performance of employees. All other human resources system such as employee development, human resources climate etc depends on performance management system. It is observed that all the organizations under the study have performance management system in one form or other. The aim of present study was to investigate the effective Performance Management System, which influence to increase the Employees Motivation and their Commitment level. It was investigated among 110 staff level employees of an automotive instruments and allied accessories manufacturing company. The results of the study reveal that there is a major impact of perception of employees towards performance management system. Further the results also indicated that there is a significant difference between motivation and commitment factor among the employees of the organization.

Job Satisfaction among Indian Lecturers: A survey Conducted inIbri College of Technology, Ibri, Sultanate of Oman Pages From : 35-46
Author(s) : Manjula .V
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    Great, I am hired by Sultanate of Oman as Lecturer for an Engineering college, with a good remuneration. I made an effort to conduct a small survey to know about the feelings of Indian Lecturer about visualization of Oman. In this survey we are finding the mutual opinion of individuals regarding their staff, students, subject, salary, amenities, motivation factor, future growth, personal growth etc., A Random sampling is conducted in IBRI COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY around 70 Indian Lecturers are the respondents for this survey. IBRI is a place in SULTANATE OF OMAN which is of 400 kmsfar from MUSCAT. The main motive of this survey is to highlight the methodologies of Indian Lecturers in Sultanate of Oman.

Efficiency of Marketing Channels for Pomegranate in Koppal District of Karnataka Pages From : 47-58
Author(s) : Mr. G.M. Sudharshan
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      India is endowed with wide agro climatic conditions that offer immense scope for cultivation of various kinds of fruits crops. India stands second largest producer of fruits in the world and first in Pomegranate production with 36 per cent followed by 31 per cent by Iran. It is the most important fruit crop of the tropical and subtropical region. Lack of suitable marketing avenues and channels decreases the margin for the producers. This study was undertaken to know existing marketing channels and the problems associated with in the Koppal district of Karnataka. The study revealed three marketing channels preferred by the producers, of which the channel-II is the most prevalent. The marketing efficiency is more in channel – I when compared with other two channels and the price spread is also less in channel – I when compared to other two channels. The producers faced many constraints, of which, Method of Sale Lack of Processing Facilities, Skilled Labor Facilities, Absence of Market Information, Transportation Facility are the major one