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Vol No. 2 Issue 4 : August 2013
Emergence of the Indian Rural Market A Comparative Study of Rural and Urban Consumers of Jodhpur District Pages From : 1-08
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  An important and recent development in India’s consumerism is the emergence of the rural market for several basic consumer goods and witnessed two major and far-reaching changes – a change form domestic to global and a change from urban to rural. Both these changes are evolutionary. Since urban market is going to be saturated day by day, the rural consumers have become their target.

Earlier, how rural consumers behave did not draw much attention. This paper is a humble attempt for filling up that gap. It will guide various mobile manufacturing companies about modification required in present marketing strategies applied for tapping urban market and to decide, if possible, and to what extent these strategies can be moulded and applied successfully to rural markets. The main objective of this study is to examine the comparative buying behaviour of rural urban consumers towards the purchase of mobile phones.

Measuring Supply Chain Performance in Selected White Goods Industries Pages From : 9-20
Author(s) : Dr. C. Sengottuvelu
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      Today’s competitive pressures compel companies to continually seek new ways of doing business. Supply chain management (SCM) is one such area which can provide the companies with an effective tool to build an advantage no longer resides with the company’s own capabilities, but with the relationships that the firm can forge with their external partners – the customers, the suppliers and other service providers, forming a net work called the supply chain. If the supply chain is not managed properly then the delivery gets affected resulting in customer dissatisfaction and hence loss of business. In recent years, supply chain performance measurement and metrics have received much attention from industry and researchers. The role of these metrics and measures in the success of a company cannot be overstated because they affect operational planning and control, tactical and strategic decisions. Performance measurement and metrics have an important role to play in setting objectives, evaluating performance, and determining future courses of actions. The process of choosing appropriate supply chain performance measures is difficult due to the complexity of these supply chains. The paper presents an overview and evaluation of the performance measured in supply chain models and also presents a bench marking study in selected White Goods Industries. Four category of SCOR level-I metrics such as cycle time, cost, assets and quality are identified for measuring supply chain performance measurements. The study was conducted in 19 companies in White Goods segment who have already implemented some of the SCM initiatives in their organization. Further, statistical analysis was carried out and the industry best-in- class results were compared for bench marking. Using the current literature and the results of an empirical study conducted by earlier authors were compared and discussed. Based on key findings, recommendations were made for implementation.

Factors Influencing Buyer Behaviour in FMCG Pages From : 21-33
Author(s) : Ms. Smitha P Alex @ Smitha Siji,Dr. Sandhya S Menon
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      Every market segment for each product has its own purchase motivation. Price may be the important element when the product differences are viewed by that particular segment as being of little consequence. For others brand can be an important motive because they fear the risk involved in buying the untried item. For a great many products the point of distribution may be the most important deciding element. Quite often the final determinant is that of mere habit. Whatever the purpose, it is important to understand the patronage of purchase motives in relation to a specific market segment. This study intends to understand the influence of factors such as loyalty to local retailers, influence of price perception and purchase decision involvement in the buying behavior of FMCG products. Also, this study attempts to find out whether the influence of these variables is same across the different product categories in FMCG. The sample for the study consists of 537 households. The data collected is analyzed with Confirmatory Factor Analysis using SEM is done in order to draw meaningful conclusions

To Identify the Factors Influencing Customer Retention in Organised Apparel Retailing Pages From : 34-41
Author(s) : Prof.Ram Mohan
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    Many research studies have been conducted in the area of retailing services,but there has been no research that takes into account both service quality and features and identifies the factors that lead to customer retention.The importance of such a study is immense in one of the fastest growing retail markets like India, where the impact of service quality and features on customer retention from the retail users’ point of view is a very crucial field of discussion.After extracting different variables of service quality and features from studying a body of literature on services in large format apparel retail,this study aims to identify the factors that lead to customer retention in large format apparel store.The main factors are extracted from the independent variables using factor analysis.Then regression analysis is done taking the extracted factors as independent variables and customer retention as dependent variable.Customer retention is a measure of customer satisfaction and intention to revisit the retail store

A Comparative Study of Emotional Intelligence and Coping Behaviour among Gifted Students and Normal Students at Higher Secondary level Pages From : 42-49
Author(s) : Resmi Annie Thomas
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   The study details out the comparison of Emotional Intelligence and coping behaviour of gifted and normal students at Higher Secondary Level. A sample of 500 Higher Secondary Students from Kottayam town was selected for the study. It mainly measured the overall and the gender based emotional intelligence and coping behaviour of students at Higher Secondary Level. Based on the survey, the findings showed that gender differences can be seen in Emotional Intelligence and Coping Behaviour among gifted and normal students at Higher Secondary Level.