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Vol No. 1 Issue 1 : March 2012
A study on roles and training issues of Entrepreneurship Development Cells in Tamilnadu Pages From : 1-13
Author(s) : Dr. P.T. Vijaya Rajakumar,Dr. S. Kaliyamoorthy,Dr. G. Bhuvaneswari
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In the prevailing competitive environment, getting employment becomes a herculean task for the youngsters who complete their graduation. Only few are employed in the corporate houses. Remaining are being idle and straying for getting jobs. To avoid this, the Government has been taking essential steps by way of creating awareness among the youngsters about entrepreneurship. For this purpose only, both the central and state governments in India give more importance to Entrepreneurship Development and allot huge amount of funds in every year. Entrepreneurship Development Cells are the initiatives of the government which was set with the motive of creating awareness about entrepreneurship and training the youngsters in entrepreneurial skills. This study analyses the roles of Entrepreneurship Development Cells and the training issues in Entrepreneurship Development Cells. It has given the suggestion for the roles and responsibilities as well as the factors to be considered for the best quality training.

Service quality measurement in Malaysian Banks Pages From : 14-22
Author(s) : Dr. R. Arasu,Mr. Mujeebur Salahudeen,
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This paper investigates the various dimensions of service quality and how these dimensions determine customer satisfaction of Malaysian Banks. A customer always wants something and expects that the bank should come up to the level to fulfil those needs. Again, the more you provide, still more the consumer needs. Service quality is about meeting customers’ needs and requirements, and how well the service level delivered matches customer expectations. Service quality in banking implies consistently anticipating and satisfying the needs and expectations of customers. Further multivariate regression analysis was used to find out the impact of service quality dimensions on customer satisfaction. Reliability and service interaction were found to be significant variables to customer satisfaction.

Students perception on Service Quality Pages From : 23-38
Author(s) : Dr. K. Ravichandran,Mr. S. Arun Kumar,Mr.Narayanan Venkatesan
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       The purpose of this paper is to empirically measure the service quality level using the new industry specific scale called HEdPERF (Higher education performance- Measurement Scale) among engineering colleges/Institutions which are offering professional courses in Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India. In this study, Purposive Non-Probability sampling techniques were adopted with a sample size of 106 respondents were administered using structured questionnaire .Statistical tools namely Univariate analysis, Multiple regression analysis and factor analysis were used for this study. From the study findings using multiple regression analysis ,attributes namely standardized syllabus and structure, quality programs, students feedback for progressive measures, empathetic administrative staffs to solve students problem and fair and equal treatment are the dominant variables strongly predicts the overall service quality. Also, from the study findings using factor analysis, it is inferred that a HEdPERF scale is not factor loaded as per the proposed original four dimensions, instead we got a loading of eleven [1] factors/Dimensions. Hence, professional engineering institutions should concentrate their efforts on the extracted dimensions[1] perceived to be important rather than focusing their energy on a number of different attribute, which they feel are important determinants of service quality.

Marketing strategies for laptop using Conjoint Analysis Pages From : 39-48
Author(s) : Dr.Saji George,Mr.Narayanan Venkatesan
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          The behaviour of the person is not only influenced by his genes but also by the environment as a whole. Every person has unique set of experiences, expectations which are influenced by cultural norms, social interactions, psychological makeup and personal circumstances in terms of stage of life, economic situation, occupation, lifestyle and personality and results in forming of attitude, opinion, perception, values, beliefs, evaluative criteria which ends up in terms of purchase action thereafter resulting in post purchase behaviour. The basic tools, which help synchronise product with human behaviour/perception, are product itself, the price aspects, promotional aspects, and place/location aspects also to find out the relative importance of Laptop attributes using conjoint analysis. The present work is exploratory in nature based on field survey of two major cities of Jaipur and Jodhpur in Rajasthan. To summing up the study it concludes about Indian consumer profile that purchase laptop and the marketing mix which influences the purchase of laptops in terms of specific variables like Internet advertisement, Cash discounts, etc.