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Vol No. 1 Issue 3 : July 2012
Critical Analysis of Strategic Environmental Management Accounting of Gadenne and Zaman(2002) Pages From : 1-10
Author(s) : Md. Rashidul Islam
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            In this paper I am going to critically evaluate an article on “Strategic Environmental Management Accounting” written by Gadenne and Zaman (2002) which was published in the Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management. The title partially misguided the reader and I feel that the title is not fully reprehensive of the content. To select the sample size the researchers have used quota sampling but it gives no assurance that the sample is representative of the variables being studied. This method is popular in marketing research but not accounting research. For data collection the authors have used mail questionnaire method which could be biased and incorrect if the questionnaire designed badly. The research concludes that Australian companies measured environmental induced cost in monetary and non monetary forms and to be reported in the notes to the financial reports. This conclusion seems to be a valued conclusion but the authors fail to demonstrate what would be the best method to allocate the environmental cost to the product cost or price.

Factors Influencing Customer Interactions in Social Media Marketing Pages From : 11-23
Author(s) : Boonchai Hongcharu
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         The rise of social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, etc. has given marketers a great opportunity to communicate interactively with customers and engage them in several activities for brand building and strengthening. Social media have been a channel for marketers to communicate with their target market and they have been channels for customers to communicate among one another. This study intends to investigate the advantages of social media in integrated marketing communications and to come up with a model explaining the processes of customer interactions resulting from the social media by using examples from real life social media interactions. Moreover, the implications of social media on communication mix elements will be analyzed to understand their roles in integrated marketing communications.

Emerging Value Additions in the Horizon of Attitudinal Mindsets of Leaders in Contemporary Organizations Pages From : 24-29
Author(s) : Dr. H. Sankaran
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Nothing succeeds like success. We all want to be successful in our career, be it in our roles as individuals, team players or leaders. Taking responsibility for ones actions is a key component of success as an individual. And taking responsibility for what our team does is a key component of leadership. When one doesnt do that, failure is just around the corner.