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Vol No. 1 Issue 6 : December 2012
Developing a Framework to Identify the Factors Affecting the Measurement of Organization Readiness for Business Process Reengineering Implementation an Exploratory Factor Analysis Method (EFA) Pages From : 01-16
Author(s) : Hamid.Shahbandarzadeh,Khodakaram.Salimifard,Farid.Saeedi
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   Results of business processes reengineering (BPR) projects in Iran and many other countries show that the most necessary and fundamental changes on processes do not implement and remain only as a suggestion. Therefore, before attempting to redesign and re-engineering business processes, variables and factors affecting the assessment of organizations readiness for the re-engineering process should be identified in order to improve conditions and making good infrastructure to implement re-engineering projects. Therefore, the aim of this study is to identify the factors that affect the success or failure of re-engineering projects in organizations, and to develop a framework for assessing organization readiness for processes re-engineering implementation. This research uses exploratory factor analysis method and opinions of 229 of Iranian experts in the field of BPR to develop a framework for identifying the factors affecting the measurement of organizational readiness for BPR implementation.

Impact of Riverbank Erosion on Population Displacement & Socio-economic Condition: A Case Study on River Bank of Padma, Faridpur, Bangladesh Pages From : 17-24
Author(s) : Monir Ahmmed,Mohammad Rokibul Kabir,Md. Arif Billah
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   The study is concerned with riverbank erosion and population displacement on human dimension of the phenomenon and argues the need for a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying erosion vulnerability resulting population shifts on a micro-scale perspective in the country. Attempts have been made to portray the riverbank erosion by using both secondary data and a structured questionnaire from 2001 to 2010 and to focus the relationship between erosion hazard and dynamics of human adjustment with this hazardous situation. The study found that due to riverbank erosion in the affected area, rate of literacy decreases to 40% from 60%.Sanitation system becomes very unhygienic and most of the people of affected area become landless and marginal. Finally the study tailored some remedial policies to the particular components of vulnerability in the context of respondent’s perceptions.

Measuring Financial Health of Restaurant Companies Pages From : 25-30
Author(s) : Rashad Walid Hafez,Dr. K. Ravichandran,Dr. Faisal Al Khateeb
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   In a globalized business world it is often necessary to compare companies across national boundaries when we are trying to do a financial analysis. This comparison often includes an examination of financial statements, and corporate valuation models. In this study we are trying to compare YUM with other two leading restaurants (Mc Donalds Corp (MC) and Darden Restaurants (DRI)) to find out the financial health of YUM. We have used three years balance sheet to perform a financial analysis and also we have performed the cash flow evaluation to conclude that YUMs financial health was satisfactory and YUM had done much better than others in all aspects of ratios except for profitability and had the best ROIC

Study on Consumer Perception Vs Consumer Expectation for New Era of Indian Quick Service Restaurant - Qsctv Model Pages From : 31-39
Author(s) : Srivalli Jandhyala
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   India is global village with wonderful awareness regarding globalization, privatization and information technology which made the India to elaborate its business opportunities, change in economic transitions and cross cultural activities. The increase in literacy and exposure to western lifestyles, increase in urbanisation which made Indian consumer to change in their consumable habits. In past decade the Indian cuisines were restricted to limited menus with traditional food where consumers have limited choice of selection of food items. Today the upcoming Indian Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) with strong back-ends controlling the quality, hygienic and cost designed on the format of necessity based eating out have filled in the lacuna. The present study identifies the consumer perception and consumer expectation for new era of Indian quick service restaurants, purchase decision and consumer preference on perception of quality from major categories of food, the analysis is also made using porter’s five force model to estimate various factors affecting the choice of quick service restaurants by Indian consumers. The study also helps in analysing the factors influencing the choice of quick service restaurants by Indian consumers in the metro city of Hyderabad. The study also drafts a new model called QSCTV model for Indian QSRs.

Liquidity Premium in the Indian Corporate Bond Market Pages From : 40-45
Author(s) : Malay K. Dey,Rama Seth,Sethunarayanan N
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   We test the empirical model in Subrahmanyam et al. (2009) for the Indian corporate bond market. We obtain daily time series data for approximately four years, 2007-10 for the corporate bond market from NSE and test the hypothesis that liquidity and trading activity explains a part of the variation in yield spreads. We find mixed evidence on liquidity premium on yield spreads

Perceptions on Events Potentially Leading to Misstatements on Financial Reporting Pages From : 46-58
Author(s) : WachiraBoonyanet,Pongprot Chatraphorn
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   Misstatements on financial reporting have costly affected to financial statement users including investors, creditors and employees among others. Previous research has pointed out that it is somewhat difficult to specify whether misstatements are a form management’s intention or not. If the misstatements are from management’s intention, it is considered as a fraud. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the capability of middle management in identifying the given situations that could turn up as misstatements on financial reporting. Questionnaire survey is employed as a research methodology. Based on 163 subjects, the capability of respondents in correctly identifying the given grey-area situations that could lead to misstatements is quite limited ranging from 46% - 76%. They are not able to identify the situations about related party transactions leading to the misstatements. Moreover, respondents whose educational backgrounds are in engineering or arts/social science are less likely to identify the misstatements.

Leading Factors in the Internationalization Process: An Empirical Analysis on the Pump and Motor Manufacturers in Coimbatore District Pages From : 59-68
Author(s) : Ms.G.Jayanthi,Dr.R.Amudha
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   Export has a vital role to play in the economic development of a nation. It is an important key factor in deciding the sustained rate of economic growth of the country and considered very essential for any nation, as it provides ample employment opportunities and promotes industrialization. Nowadays, technological advancements, declining trade barriers etc are driving the world economy to become more and more integrated and this rapid globalization is enabling SMEs to become international in a quicker yet effective manner.

   This study presents the Internationalization strategies for the case of small scale and Medium sized enterprises. The purpose of this paper is to understand the importance of Internationalization of SMEs in the light of Uppsala model of Internationalization, Network and International Entrepreneurship theories by taking a sample of 143 manufacturing firms. The variables on each theory is identified and analyzed to find out, how far these factors are influencing in the firm’s internationalization process. The basic issue of our research was to describe the internationalization process of SMEs with a focus on the roles of the three theories.

Islamic Moral System in the perspective of Millennium Development Goals Pages From : 68-77
Author(s) : Shahina Qureshi,Bhawna Pal
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  Societies are changing so do the world. The world is in transition period and whenever there is transit some changes comes out with its positive or negative implications. In developing economy, mostly trial and error technique is been using for financing development among poor with the hope of selecting right option or strategies for achieving development objectives. This is with a view to properly connecting resources in the best possible manner for the empowerment of the poor and their development. The situation has become appropriate with the materialization and worldwide agreement of the Millennium Development Goals in September 2000. The goals are destined to achieve three basic things; Poverty Eradication, Healthcare Provision and Environmental Sustainability together in the developed and developing countries. Author has raised the issues in this paper whether “The Islamic moral system can achieve the first goal of MDGs i.e., Eradicate extreme poverty or hunger?” This paper concludes Islamic moral system is more a “way of life” than a mere religion. In a nutshell, it teaches how a believer has to oblige to the commitment to his faith. Zakah is to help peoples out of their earning. For every Muslim individual it is the duty to help mankind by way of providing 2.5% share of Zakah out of his income. Secondary data have been used to gain knowledge about teachings of Islam and how they can be practiced in order to manage Zakah effectively. 
Sectoral Analysis of FDI in India Pages From : 78-85
Author(s) : Debabrata Sutradhar
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   Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) plays an important role in the growth and development of different sectors and industries in the host country. It is found that some countries attract FDI in a particular sector of their economy. This paper addresses the recent trends in sector-wise distribution of FDI in the world in general and India in particular. Further an attempt is made to study how the change in FDI policy in India led to the growth of different industries in the country

Multiple Faces of Anger: Managements Valuable Input on its Consequences and Best Practices Based on Real Life Experiences Pages From : 86-115
Author(s) : Rajeswari,Mafuzah Binti Mohamad
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Purpose –This paper discusses anger based on its consequences and the best practices in organization to minimise or eliminate it. Design/methodology/approach – This qualitative study uses interview methods to assess the issue of anger with 45 participants from numerous organizational sectors at Klang Valley, Malaysia. Participants were interviewed and the conversation has been tape recorded. The design of the questionnaires consisted of the general questions on the occurrence of anger at workplace followed by more precise questions according to the specific aim of this study. Findings – The consequences of anger and the best practices in organization to minimise it were shown between jobs. Practical implications – The implications for managers and practitioners centre on the value placed on creating healthy and happy working environment in various levels within the organization. The findings suggest that some of them do agree anger is not a major issue because it leads to constructive action such as corrective action, increases productivity and performance. Hence, having said that majority shares that anger is destructive as it leads to negative consequences such as low morale, increase absenteeism and health complications. The result support that the management must implement best strategies to minimise the unhealthy environment in organization which is caused by anger. Originality/value – Whilst a great deal of research has been conducted into the emotional displays of employees, little has examined has been conducted on the consequences of anger, its impact on health and how to proactively deal with anger in workplace in particular to the management level of any organizations. This is an important gap since such information allows practitioners to better target their anger management strategies in the right areas and limit the potentially harmful consequences to health of chronic emotion work where it is less necessary.