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Vol No. 1 Issue 2 : April 2012
Importance of Tourism Education in Bangladesh: A diagnostic appraisal Pages From : 1-10
Author(s) : Kazi Nazmul Huda
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        Education is the universal ingredient for every development initiative. So it is equally applicable for the development of the tourism and tourism business in Bangladesh. As a struggling nation for economic development, Bangladesh must focus on its indigenous capabilities and try to flourish human intensive sectors to optimize the human capital. The study tried to explore the importance of tourism education and the factors hindering the escalation of tourism education with a special reference to its attractiveness to the stakeholders. Finally the study has presented some time befitting solutions and models to extend the scopes of tourism education in Bangladesh

Consumer Profiling Pages From : 11-19
Author(s) : Dr. Saji George
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         Consumers have always been a sought after entity and many theories has been formulated and many researches have been conducted but, still consumers remain to be evasive. Consumer behaviour is very unpredictive and dynamic. The behaviour of the person is not only influenced by his genes but also by micro and macro environmental factors. Every person has unique set of experiences, expectations which are influenced by cultural norms, social interactions, psychological makeup and personal circumstances in terms of stage of life, economic situation, occupation, lifestyle and personality and results in forming of attitude, opinion, perception, values, beliefs, evaluative criteria which ends up in terms of purchase action thereafter resulting in post purchase behaviour. The present work tries to explore the profile of consumer for laptop. The study is exploratory in nature based on field survey of two major cities of Jaipur and Jodhpur in Rajasthan. To summing up the study it concludes about Indian consumer profile in terms of variables like age, income, occupation, gender and marital status
Trend and Performance of Tourism Industries in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis Pages From : 20-29
Author(s) : Meher Neger,Bulbul Ahamed,Khaled Mahmud
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          Tourism has become an art and science of business strategy for attracting the people to the natural beauties of a particular place. It has proved to be an effective means of capital formation besides creating new avenues for employment. Moreover, it also provides a significant foreign exchange to country. However, this paper highlights the overview of tourism industry in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has passed a decade with average GDP growth of around five percent. Behind this consistent growth, there is a strong support coming from tourism sector. Statistical equation has been used to analysis trends and performances of annual incomes in tourism sector. This study has identified some factors which affect the tourism business. This paper also evacuates strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of tourism industry in Bangladesh. The paper has been done to prove that political environment is the important factor which influences the tourism industry in Bangladesh. Some of the major problems of tourism industry in Bangladesh as suggested by the respondents are highlighted in this study. The principle guideline of this study is to support of tourism related people for tourism planning and development that help for the successful business operation and long-term sustainability of destination in Bangladesh.

The Impact of Employee Compensation on Organizational Performance: The Korean Case Pages From : 30-50
Author(s) : Jooyoung Kwak
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            Despite the long history of research, the top managerial compensations have shown a conflict between theories and practices. We tested the impacts of performance-based compensations and power-based compensations on the organization performance. In particular, we tested our hypotheses under the setting of an emerging market, where the financial market is not well-developed and, therefore, the financial incentives for excellent managerial performance are limited. We have found that, in top manager group, performance-based compensations were insignificantly or weakly associated with organization performance. Instead, top managers power-based compensations were positively associated with organization performance. In contrast, in mid- and low-level employee group, we have confirmed a hypothesis based on agency theory that performance-based compensation leads to a positive organization performance.